Terrariums are a way to fashionably bring plants into an indoor space. Building upon the beauty of the classic concept, Czech designer Krstyna Pojerova has taken the terrarium to the next level. Called Glasshouse, this chic hanging terrarium also doubles as a pendant lamp, adding both light and life to any room.

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The terrariumlamp is made from an onion shaped glass orb. Rather than just an access hole to change the light bulb, the bottom of the glass inverts inside, forming a protective lip around the opening. This holds all the goodies inside, and provides the perfect amount of space to support a new mini garden! Through the opening, you can cultivate your fresh herbs, pick small flowers, or simply water the little green plants.

The lamp portion shines down on your little garden, supporting photosynthesis even in dim spaces, and the excess heat produced by the bulb incubates your fresh herbs, keeping them happy and healthy. There’s also plenty of room to water your plants, and also room for soil. Holes on the top of the orb allow healthy plants to sprout through — but they may need a little guidance.

The Glasshouse was created to foster the urban kitchen, and let city dwellers with no outdoor or window space grow their own fare in a unique way. Aside from adding life to a room, the hanging lamp adds a punch of color and a beautiful design.

The Glasshouse can be ordered from the Czech site Art-Light.

+ Krstyna Pojerova