Recently Inhabitat wrote about the Glowing Plant Project, which uses the science of bioluminescence to light up a room using plants. The Kickstarter campaign, created by the team of bio-engineers behind the technology, has been such a hit that the creators have decided to reward pledgers with the best gift yet: a kit that allows anyone to grow their own glowing plants right at home.


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The Glowing Plants Kickstarter campaign was created to help raise funding for the project, which aims to create sustainable lighting using plants. With a little bit of creative DNA manipulation, the team has successfully created glowing Arabidopsis, but the possibilities are endless. Someday we may light our living rooms with a Ficus tree instead of table lamps and our roads with Oak trees instead of street lights.

Because the Kickstarter campaign is going so well – it has already far surpassed the original goal of $65,000 and is now nearing $400,000 – that they have upped the reward ante. Now, for a donation of $250, you will receive a Maker Kit that will allow you to grow your very own glowing plants. That means that any individual could potentially be the person to create the world’s first glowing orchid or wisteria vine.

“We’ve been so thankful that the Kickstarter community has been so supportive of our project and we’re constantly thinking of ways to show them our appreciation,” says Antony Evans, one of the Co-Founders of the Glowing Plant project. As a token of that appreciation, the kit will come with the ingredients to make three glowing plants of your own.

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