Looking for an eco-friendly and convenient alternative to charging your cell phone, camera, or laptop? The Brunton SolarRoll beats out solar-powered bags and backpacks and, certainly, the hassle of trying to find an electrical outlet when you’re traveling with mobile devices in tow. All you need is a little sunlight, and you can easily charge laptops, cell phones, cameras, and even car batteries!

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The SolarRoll is a 58-inch long roll-up solar panel that can be used to power anything from satellite phones to video cameras to GPS devices. It’s apparently so reliable that famed mountaineer Ed Viesturs took it with him as he was climbing the Annapurna summit in the Himalayas.

This unbelievably useful gadget costs between $199 and $499, depending on the model. Oh, and don’t worry about getting it wet – it’s waterproof! How practical is that?

$199 from Brunton

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