One of the great joys of living in the urban jungle is the daily discovery of treasures left out on the sidewalk. Sadly, the elements have a way of destroying the best finds before hunters have a chance to give them a once over. In an effort to protect curbside donations and inspire altruistic behavior, Dutch designers Waarmakers have created the Goedzak, a special bag designed especially for giveaways. Partially transparent and clad in fluorescent yellow, the flexible garbage bag sets goods apart from other landfill waste.

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The word “goedzak” means “do-gooder” in Dutch, and also combines the words for “good” and “bag”. The bright yellow sack with transparent panels is the result of Simon Akkaya’s graduation project, “Design for Altruism”. Waarmakers hope to partner with a chain of second-hand shops in Amsterdam called Kringloop Het Goed to pick up the bags and deliver them directly to stores.

While still plastic, at least the Goedzak has a nobler purpose in mind than simply packaging items for deposit in the dump. The bag is not big enough to encompass furniture and larger items, but the old standbys a good tarp and a label may have to do for bulkier donations. Intended to be an easy way to get people to conserve rather than simply toss their belongings, the Goedzak seeks to be the garbage bag with a conscience.

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