The long-awaited 2012 Ford Focus Electric is currently available for pre-order, but the lucky folks at Google already have their hands on one! The first production unit was presented to the company just before Christmas (talk about a nice gift), and Googlers have already taken their hot new ride for a spin. The super fast-charging all-electric vehicle will soon be available soon to the rest of us in limited numbers.

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Eco-loving Google is already enjoying the gas-free Focus Electric’s superior mileage, which achieves an equivalent to 100 miles per gallon (a first for a five passenger EV). The sedan can reach a top speed of 84 mph, which is suitable for the family it will cleanly cart around. But the Focus Electric’s most stand out feature is its incredibly fast charging time.  The 23 kwh high-voltage lithium-ion battery charges on its 240-volt outlet in just over 3 hours. The impressive charge time is almost half of the Nissan Leaf’s! With the new 2012 Focus Electric, the Google team (and later consumers) will not even have to take a trip to the gas station once.

With a focus on fuel economy, Ford projects the Focus Electric will be at the top of its class. The model has been streamlined to reduce the weight to increase fuel economy and will also be produced out of Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant, which has one of the largest solar power systems. The plant also has electric trucks to transport goods within the site, which are also charged by 10 in house charging stations. This means the eco friendly, electric vehicle is created with a mix of renewable and regular electricity! We hope Google enjoys the first 2012 Ford Focus Electric, and anticipate the lucky consumers who snag one this year will as well.

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Via Engadget