The gorgeous Stola Table Lamp is one of the most beautiful recycled material lamps out there. Made by design company Actual SF, the accordion style structure is constructed from 100% recycled P.E.T. and felt. Fitted with an energy saving CFL bulb, the table not only adds atmosphere to any room, but is a beautiful example of design-minded green lighting.

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Fanning out from the center like a starburst, the recycled P.E.T. pieces are laser cut into forty four separate undulating shapes. The delicate pieces are then hand-sewn together to form the amorphous column of light that seems to bend and contort like a deep sea creature. Stola’s cord is covered in grey fabric, to make the entire lamp a cohesive design object.

The lamp’s designer, Josh Jakus, was inspired by the landscape-like shape that the jagged pieces of P.E.T. form together when laying flat on a table. Inspired by the shape and shadow of the folded pleats, Jakus decided to add a curve to the surface, creating a flowing movement comes to life with the glow of the CFL inside.

The updated Stola Table Lamp design is six inches taller than the original, making it a statement piece rising to two feet tall. The ambient glow creates a cozy atmosphere, while the lamp’s shape doubles as an illuminated sculpture.

+ Actual SF