Is it possible that the designers of NYC‘s city seal peered into the future to see how important wind energy would be to us in the year 2009? Most likely not, but their decision to include a windmill in the city’s crest did provide the perfect inspiration for Philadelphian firm Austin + Mergold LLC to rethink the Bronx’s Grand Concourse in a recent architectural competition held by the Bronx Museum of the Arts. The project envisions the wide, urban avenue as New York’s newest monument to clean energy, lined with an army of powerful weblike wind turbines – a.k.a. The Grand Resource.

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Just like the Dutch windmills of yore, the gentle giants that dot the whole stretch of the concourse will be structures of both beauty and practicality. In order to preserve the bustling community that currently calls the Grand Concourse its home, the open-diagrid towers will compensate for any space lost to the footprints of the turbines by providing an elevated infrastructure of gardens, cafes and open spaces (similar to the High Line in Manhattan). This skyway will also allow pedestrians to walk along the street without having to worry about the cars passing below.

The Grand Concourse’s high-flying design was chosen as as one of the competition’s 7 finalists and will showcase their project at the Bronx Museum of the Arts this coming November.

+ Austin + Mergold LLC

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