Made of recycled crates and 25,000 edible plants, The Great Crate is a fully recyclable installation that was erected by Plus One at the Art & About Sydney event last month. The growing plants gave the project a life of its own over the weeks that the cube was in place, and the plants were given away to residents this week, making the fully recyclable artwork live on following its time as an installation.

The green cube was created in September by Plus One, a collaboration of creative studios and individuals, including design studio Telly Theodore & Associates, architect Andy MacDonald and curator Danella Bennett. Thousands of packets of fast-growing broad bean seeds were distributed to residents and businesses around Sydney in late July. By September they were ready to be part of the cube and were delivered on site and installed into the cube.

“Each year for Art & About we select one village within the City of Sydney and work with local artists to develop an innovative project that shines a spotlight on the precinct and brings its community together,” Gill Minervini said, Art & About Sydney creative director.

Sited in what was once the city’s food bowl, and what is now one of Australia’s fastest-growing precincts, the installation celebrated sustainable growth, encouraging people to work together to find ways they can live more sustainably.

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