In San Mateo next week, the Green Dollhouse Project will open its exhibition of 17 winning designs from its 2005 design competition. The exhibition will show at the Coyote Point Museum (south of San Francisco) through December 3. Designs come from all over the U.S. and as far as Japan, showcasing in mini-form the numerous possibilities for a greener home. The dollhouse to the right was designed by Japanese designer Yasuo Tokuoka, whose background as an arch dam and landscape engineer is evident in the fluid quality of the materials and the integration of natural elements into the structure and interior of the house.

The “Prefab Mod Dollhouse” (below) emerges unsurprisingly from a Bay Area firm, Andrea Traber Architecture and Sustainability. The bamboo loft (with the tree growing through the roof), comes from students at California College of the Arts.

Looking at the images of these miniature houses, I can recall how it felt to stare at the less evolved dollhouses of my childhood and imagine I could step inside and create a new reality. Hopefully with the foreward-thinking strategies these designers are exhibiting here, we will move a little closer to creating a new, greener reality on a grown-up scale.

via: San Jose Mercury News
Link: Green Dollhouse Project

All photos courtesy of Emily Hagopian