Designed by Yi Liu, Luo Jing and Jiang Yu-ning for the 2010 Seoul International Design Competition, the Green Transformer is a solar powered device that can help to remove valuable bio-oil (fuel often used in cars) from pools and ponds. As the Green Transformer floats on the surface of the water is collects algae, where algae is then combined with specific chemicals that draw bio-oil from other substances. The oil is then stored within the device until someone comes to collect it.

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The main objective for the Seoul International Design Competition was to “envision the realization of an egalitarian society and human values through design proposals that are easy, convenient, and pleasant to use.” The Green Transformer definitely keeps with this concept. Not only does it efficiently perform its main function, the Green Transformer body and solar panels conveniently fold down into a compact storage unit making it extremely easy to transport.

via Yanko