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This house is so green, it would take four pages to list all of its features, but we’ll give you a few of the best. Designed for a family of three, the modular eco-home features energy-efficient heated radiant subfloors, Low-E windows, and mechanized shading. Much of the flooring and furniture has been re-purposed, including the bathroom tile that is made from reclaimed bricks and a fifty year old dresser that has been given a new life.

Outside, only the smartest landscaping is used (it looks fairly unfettered to us) and space is maximized using an extensive trellis system. A green roof is great for insulation, and permeable pavement prevents unnatural runoff. The 2011 Smart Home provides fresh vegetables and herbs for three seasons, and has two beehives to boot! On show through January, 2012, the home is an extraordinary manifestation of what we can achieve. See it and be inspired!

+ Museum of Science and Industry

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