This Monday morning the London Design Festival‘s inaugural sustainability event Greengaged kicked off with a big-bang breakfast debut. The event’s pièce de résistance was Goldsmith University graduate Oliver Bishop-Young‘s sustainability skip installation, complete with turf, steps, a hornbeam tree, signage from sustainable communication design agency thomas.matthews and [re]design‘s WEmake bench. Located outside the Design Council offices in London’s Convent Garden, the skip introduced a breath of fresh air into the urban landscape while encouraging discussion about the importance of sustainable design.

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Working with [re]design and thomas.matthews, the Greengaged Skip questions design’s responsibility to help transform our throw-away culture. The skip has generated plenty of interest and excitement, and continues to provide both the general public and festival goers with a focal point for sustainable design discussions.

The Greengaged sustainability hub includes over 40 scheduled events, debates, workshops, exhibitions, seminars and masterclasses that will run until Tuesday 23rd September 2008. The event’s aim is to bring together all sectors of the design industry to focus on sustainability issues, exchange ideas and carve out new roles for design.

Greengaged has been developed and organised by Sophie Thomas at thomas.matthews, Sarah Johnson at [re]design, and Anne Chick from the Sustainable Design Research Centre at Kingston University, with support from Arup and Three Trees Don’t Make A Forest in association with the UK Design Council.

You can keep up to date with all of the happenings at greengaged on Twitter, Flickr and Facebook.

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