Moto Designshop recently finished schematics for this beautiful modern residence situated on Pine street in Philadelphia. The Grid House packs a highly efficient floorplan into tight quarters, maximizing daylighting and ventilation via an abundance of open green spaces. The entire front and back façades open to infuse interior spaces with fresh air while the home’s flowing floor plan ensures a seamless transition between rooms. An elevated front garden preserves the residence’s interaction with the street while concealing an underground garage.

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Moto Designshop employed a variety of techniques to ensure that the Grid House was as efficient as possible in terms of lighting and ventilation. A long three story skylight suffuses the interior spaces with light, while the home’s open-ended construction allows for excellent cross-ventilation. The front façade features two stories of wooden solar shades which are deployable in a variety of configurations to allow for variable degrees of privacy.

In order to maximize the residence’s available space, Moto Designshop chose to situate the home’s garage below ground floor: “Within the property line, is a 2-tier car/garden lift which lowers the car to the basement level, hiding it from view while creating a private garden space at street level.”

We love how the re-envisioned row home integrates a variety of green spaces and a rooftop garden into an elegant example of efficient modern design.

+ Moto Designshop Inc.

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