Ever wanted to write like Hemingway but find there’s just too much distraction in the digital world? A new Kickstarter project could provide the answer to your literary prayers. Hemingwrite is a distraction-free digital device that aims to channel the gestalt of an old-fashioned typewriter. However, instead of metal clacking against paper, when you hit a key it shows up on a six-inch “e-ink” display and the device stores your compositions in the cloud via a wireless signal.

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Entrepreneurs Adam Leeb and Patrick Paul, who spawned the idea of the Hemingwrite, have kept a classic feel to the device by incorporating a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches straight out of the 1980s. There’s even a print button, in case you like reading your writing on paper – the old-fashioned way. And while the device has a battery that the builders claim can last four to six weeks between charging, the bad news is that, weighing in at four pounds, it’s not an easy thing to tote around.

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With all the technology available out there these days, why would you want such a Luddite-esque device? To simplify, of course. When you’re working on a Hemingwrite, there are no distractions or other things to concern yourself with, like e-mail, chat, text or web browsing. You can just focus in on your writing and leave the rest behind. The price for a peaceful writing experience is currently $349 for a limited number of people, and eventually $499 for the general public. While it’s currently still in its funding stages, the Hemingwrite Kickstarter campaign has already exceeded its $250,000 goal with 41 days to go.

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