This made the rounds on the blogosphere a couple of days ago, but in case you missed it, the Hot Fridge is an experimental refrigerator design by RCA student Hae-jin Kim, which makes use of the heat waste released from the refrigerator cooling process. Most normal (ie inefficient) refrigerators release heat out the back while they cool items inside.

In the ingenious little Hot Fridge, the condenser is placed at the top, allowing you to both cool and heat food at the same time. The designer suggests that one can warm plates, warm-up leftovers, or simply keep hot food hot on top of the Hot Fridge. What I wonder is: could this be turned into a mini stove top? Could this eventually evolve into a 2-for-1 refrigerator/stove? Will someone (ahem, GE) please hire this designer pronto?

I want to be able to buy this at Sears next year!

Via We-Make-Money-Not-Art