If you make calls on a Bluetooth headset, you may have noticed that every once in a while passersby may throw you a quizzical look before realizing you are talking to another human being instead of yourself. The HOT Smart Watch from PH Technical Labs kicks the eccentricity factor up a notch by turning your hand into a phone receiver. By holding your cupped hand up to your ear, you can clearly hear the person at the end of the line without having to fish your cell phone out of a bag or pocket. To hang up, the user simply waves their hand “goodbye”.

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Currently in the prototype phase, the HOT Watch also features a touch screen that displays calender updates, applications, and text messages as well as captures handwriting, projects music, and has a built-in LED flashlight. It contains a pedometer, stopwatch, and alarm, allowing it to act a little more like a true timepiece. The accessory possesses a three to seven day battery life, depending on the frequency and length of conversation.

While its speaker technology give the HOT Watch an interesting new advantage over other Android of iOS smart watches that sport touchscreens and run applications, the main challenge for the device will be in its unusual physical operating gestures. Vice President of PHTL Mark Tepper told Fast Company that he believes that the phone pantomime will not cause users to look any stranger than having a real phone in your ear. He sees advantages for those who work in fields such as construction, delivery. and the food industry who can benefit from an almost hands-free gadget.

The HOT Watch retails for about $119, depending on what time interested buyers donate to their Kickstarter campaign and desired model. The first units are expected to ship in December.


Via Fast Company