The House of Marley’s in-ear, candy-colored headphones are pretty enough to eat, but they do more than just look good. Made of FSC-certified sapele and beech wood and easily recyclable aluminum, they’re kind to the planet, too. On top of that, they pass muster with hardcore audiophiles: each pair has a low-static, tangle-resistant fabric cord, 8mm moving coil drivers for deep bass, and three different sizes of ear tips for custom-fit noise isolation.

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The House of Marley‘s whole range of headphones aims to give the best possible reggae bass (meaning great bass for most other music, too) using eco-friendly materials, and a portion of proceeds go to 1 Love, the nonprofit founded by Bob Marley’s family to support kids, the planet, and peace. They offer awesome audio fidelity, earth-conscious materials, and help for the world: three kinds of love all wrapped up in one.

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