If you’re a cyclist, you know that even wearing a helmet doesn’t keep you completely safe from the perils of the road. With that in mind, ICEdot has created the ICE (In Case of Emergency) Crash Sensor. The tiny device fits to your helmet, and when it detects a significant impact it notifies emergency services after a 30 second countdown.

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The tiny and discreet sensor works by being paired with an application that can be downloaded onto a smartphone. If it detects motion, changes in forces and impacts that may be out of the ordinary, it sends the critical data to the app which sounds an alarm and initiates an emergency countdown.

Unless the countdown clock is stopped, the app will then notify your emergency contacts and send GPS coordinates of the incident so that appropriate follow up actions can be taken. In short, what this means is that if you are prone to dropping your bike helmet, you don’t have to worry about unduly alarming your loved ones and wasting the emergency services’ time.

What’s great is that the sensor can be used on any outdoor safety equipment be it for cycling, skiing, hiking, team sports and motor sports. The ICEdot sensor will be available next year for around $200(USD), which may seem pricy but it could save your life.

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