Since its invention, the standard electrical outlet has changed little in function or appearance. The INLET by LivingPlug seeks to not only change the aesthetics of the standard wall socket, but to increase efficiency and improve child safety. Their flagship product can be inserted into a normal duplex unit and includes a high capacity 2.1v USB charger that powers three tamper resistant outlets.

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A lock prevents connectivity when a metal object comes into contact with one of the receptacles, helping to avoid shock of a youngster decides to insert a paperclip or other foreign object. Interchangeable face plates lets the user customize the look of the INLET to blend in with the rest of their decor. The INLET also features an UNPlug button located next to the USB on the top of the device that allows the user to prevent energy loss when it is not in use. By preventing “vampire charges“, the INLET could potentially save 10% on a household electric bill.

To complement the INLET, LivingPlug plans to create a made-to-order faceplate shop to let users design and customize their gadget to suit their style. The prototypes are being fabricated in China, but eventually LivingPlug will work with a mill located in Forest Lake, Minnesota as well as a producer in Sacramento, California. The INLET is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, and can be yours with a minimum pledge of $20.

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