Even the most dedicated green thumbs may occasionally forget to water their plants. Enter InVaso — a self-watering sponge vase created by industrial designer Stefano Claudio Bison. Made from the same kind of porous sponge that we use to clean our homes, InVaso doesn’t just contain your favorite plant, but also holds water that the plant needs to survive.

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InVaso’s bright colors complement any greenery that grows within, and the natural absorbing powers of the sponge helps to keep soil moist. Although InVaso mimics the style of traditional (boring?) ceramic or clay pots, it has a fun texture that brings a warm, unique touch to any space it occupies. These vases shouldn’t encourage you to neglect your little plant-friends, but they can help to keep them healthy if you tend to be a bit forgetful about watering them.

+ Stefano Claudio Bison

Via Design Milk

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