The days are growing shorter and winter is on the way — this means many bike commuters and casual cyclists will be spending more time riding after dark. If you’re a cyclist who worries about visibility when biking at night, the Kilo Glow bike by Pure Fix will make your presence known with its brilliant glow. The simple bike frame uses phosphorus to light up, and it will shine for a little over an hour after being placed in the sun for a short time. The Kilo glow retails for $399 — but you can win one this week by entering our Green Halloween DIY Costume Contest!

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The Kilo Glow is a glow-in-the-dark fixed gear bike with a flip-flop hub, so it can be changed into a single speed in a snap. It’s coated with solar-activated paint (just like those glow-in-the-dark stars that adorned your ceiling as a child) that shines brightly for about an hour after the sun sets. That’s just enough time to make it home after work, although you should definitely keep your LED lights handy for late-night rides. It’s available from Pure Fix Cycles for a reasonable $399 — or $404 if you want your grips to glow as well.

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