Due to our addiction to plastics, the human race has created the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a massive accumulation of trash dominated by synthetic, non-biodegradable objects. Turning a blight into an advantage, architects Park Sung-Hee and Na Hye Yeon from South Korea have designed the 7th Continent: Kinetic Islands which are structures that use rubbish as construction elements for a floating city.

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As the recipient of an Honorable Mention in eVolo’s 2013 Skyscraper Competition, the Kinetic Islands stand as an architectural solution to our massive pollution problem swirling in the Pacific Ocean. Each module is designed with 3 floats that allow it to sail along the currents, gathering garbage along the way.

Once full, the modules will close and connect with other islands where they will be assembled into a spiral with the aid of the waves. A large central island dominates the configuration and can be covered in soil in order to allow for crop cultivation. Empty modules will act as shelters and dwellings, supporting human life. Mangrove trees and grasslands can be planted in order to stabilize the islands, as well as promote the establishment of an ecosystem.

Plans for the Kinetic Islands also include resort facilities and waterways for boating activities. Farms raising vegetables and livestock help the community become self-sufficient and maintain a comfortable lifestyle amidst the open ocean. Effectively repurposing waste to sustain life, the islands help to create an artificial continent.

+ Park Sung-Hee and Na Hye Yeon

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