We recently saw a new crop of open-wheeled concept cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show that boasted electric motors and futuristic good looks. Here’s another take on that idea, the KTM E3W, recently released by Austria-based KTM and its partner the Austrian Institute of Technology. The E3W weighs just over 1,100 pounds and can go 62 miles on a charge, but the best part about this city car is that it features Lamborghini-style scissor doors to accomodate tight urban parking spaces.

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KTM is planning to build 50,000 of these little urban warriors in 2013, at a price estimated to be between $7,000 and $11,500. Do you dig the two-seat, three-wheeled layout and the contrasting matte body colors? Or would you like your scissor doors on something with a more aerodynamic front end?


Via Auto Guide