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The Leaf House is the second tiny home that 28-year-old Yuka resident Laird Herbert has designed and completed. The home occupies 162 square feet, and is crafted to be both green and comfortable. Adorned with cedar panel and metal siding, the tiny house resembles a modern cabin, and comes quipped with a number of features that makes it able to withstand freezing temperatures and conserve energy. Insulation and triple-pane windows keep out the elements while the oak hardwood, tile, and granite floors help maintain a feeling of warmth. A queen-size memory foam mattress and pull-out sofa sleeps several people with room for guests. All of the finishes and paints are VOC-free, and LED and CFL halogen lighting ensure that power usage is kept to a minimum. A Sun-Mar Compact Composting toilet, hot water heater and full-sized bathroom utilize a 35 gallon water tank on the outside of the house.

Herbert, who describes himself as happy “puttering away building things,” is hoping to dive full-time into the design and construction of tiny homes. He will be building two more this summer, one for himself and the other for sale, under the company name of Leaf House, in honor of his most recent project.

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