The National Christmas Tree at the White House is greener than ever this year, as it’s illuminated with over 450 strands of LED Christmas lights and 120 star-shaped LED ornaments, totaling over 4,000 watts of illumination! By using LED lights, the tree saves 16,000 watts of energy while shining as brightly as ever. But this year, the tree has a few extra surprises that add even more Christmas sparkle.

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Each star-shaped ornament is covered in a metallic gold finish, which means that they will shine even during the day. To top everything off, an heirloom topper will used that is outfitted with commercial-grade LED lighting typically used in commercial displays. Surrounding the tree will be 57 smaller trees, each lit using LED strands, to represent each state and U.S. Territory.

This year marks the 90th year of lighting the National Tree and the 50th anniversary of the invention of the LED light. It’s also the 50th year that GE is lighting the tree. LED lights are a smart choice because they last 10 times longer than traditional lights and use 90-percent less energy, and with 58 trees to light, saving energy is important.

The lighting ceremony will be streamed live on the National Christmas Tree website at 4:30 pm ET.

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