This innovative little device isn’t even available on the market yet and it’s already getting international attention. Canairi is a cool little gadget that monitors indoor air quality with visual representations so you know what you’re breathing.

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Two men with one holding a device with a yellow bird on it

History fans will recognize the imagery of the bright yellow bird. In decades past, mine workers would take actual canaries with them into tunnels. The birds are sensitive to toxic gases that might be undetectable with the human nose, therefore a great way to text air safety. If the canary came back to the front of the mine, everyone knew it was safe to go inside and dig. If the canary died, this was a clear indication that it was not safe to mine that day. Coal miners used canaries for these tests because the birds are a bright yellow that could be seen even in the dark mine tunnels.

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Two images left to right: a yellow bird device upright on a wall, and the yellow bird now upside down in the second photo

The Canairi replicates this with no animal cruelty. The device has a CO2 sensor built in that constantly monitors air quality. When the air quality is poor, the bird will droop downward.

A cartoon yellow bird on a white air quality device with the name Cainairi next to it

Once the CO2 level passes 1.000 ppm, considered the recommended threshold, the monitor will activate the mechanism that makes the bird flop over. It’s an air quality monitor that doesn’t set off alarms or blinking lights, but is self-explanatory when your air quality needs improvements.

A yellow bird air quality device on a wall with the bird upside down

Additionally, the little bird is made with recycled plastic and comes with a rechargeable battery that works for up to three months. A USB cable can charge the device up again. Preorder the device through their Kickstarter.

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