The Giardino Mappa of Cassano d’Adda is a cool living art project that uses a colorful range of flowers to represent a blooming town in Italy. Instead of mapping flat concrete landscapes using traditional cartographic techniques, each flower represents a different public building or facility on the Garden Map. Rose and red flower begonias become residential zones, while white blooms indicate industrial and commercial areas. Public buildings are depicted by yellow flower tagetes and the orange florets represent historical monuments.

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Planted for the art show ‘Ecoismi 2012’ at Cassano d’Adda in the Milan province, the Garden Map reimagines the idea of what maps mean today. The projects says that our ‘settlements’ and complexes of houses are living systems within the larger ecological framework. Their Garden Map thus becomes a flourishing index of this eco-society.

+ Giardino Mappa

Images courtesy of Giardino Mappa