A holiday rental agency in West Wales recently opened a new accomodation and proved that 70s kitsch has still not lost its popular appeal. The Caban Cariad (Welsh for “Love Shack”) is a Swedish prefab cabin that was imported into Wales in 1973. It was leased and refurbished this year by Greg Stevenson, owner of the rental agency Under the Thatch, and opened to guests in July. The decor in the cabin is a mix of vintage, modern and Ikea, with a floral couch from Erika Pekkari and orange sparkly plastic stools by Henry Massonnet, pop art on the walls, a lava lamp, a shag rug and an inset pebble fireplace.

On top of curating his collection of “holiday lets”, Greg Stevenson is an architectural historian with a reputable knowledge of the built heritage of Wales. Under the Thatch is committed to the preservation of historical Welsh buildings, and to maintaining traditional features such as roof thatching with wheatstraw. In addition, the company abides by environmental management policies set forth by the Green Dragon Standard, striving to utilize environmentally-friendly building materials and energy systems wherever possible.

Other than the au courant addition of eco-friendly features, the Love Shack retains its 70s aesthetic all the way. Sometimes the best way to patch up an out-of-date space is just to lay it on thick and let it bask in its old-school glory.

Link: www.underthethatch.co.uk

via: The Telegraph UK