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The festivities began on January 4th, where revelers gathered at the Finnish National Theatre, the first building to be transformed by light. Built in 1902, the gorgeous stone façade was activated in a vibrant magenta light that washed across the building. The soaring castle-like building was instantly transformed into something akin to Barbie’s Dream House, to the delight of visitors. Each night one historic building got the same Barbie treatment, each revealed as a surprise to locals.

The Pink Caravan also illuminated Helsinki’s Central Station, this time a neon pink hue wrapping itself around the station’s arching roof and adjacent columns. Palmu also created bubblegum pink installations for the Kaisa-talo building and the Kaisaniemi Botanical Gardens.

For five nights, locals were treated to surprise light installations all over the city, giving new perspective to architecture they live with every day. In all, twelve artists transformed twelve cultural landmarks into oversized installations with only light and projections. The innovative projects give respite in the midst of the dark Finnish winters, with out damaging effects to any of the local architecture.

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