Designers Kyu-Hyun Lee & Sol Lee wanted to solve the hassle of charging electric vehicle (EV) batteries, so they designed the MET concept car which has an interchangeable back wheel that holds the car’s energy source. The battery — and back wheel — can be switched out in the comfort of your own home for a brand new, fully charged replacement.

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We’re wondering if Kyu-Hyun Lee & Sol Lee have worked out the details of this mini-vehicle’s mechanics — how is the battery supported, is it tail-heavy, does the original price of the car include your extra battery or is that an extra expense? We’d love to have these technical details worked out before we jump on board with this concept. Though a small car with a swappable battery sounds like a winning idea, vehicles must be cost-effective — and technically effective — to have an impact on the market.

The MET is designed for one or two people, but no more than that. The designers make this abundantly clear in their tagline, which states that the vehicle is made for the “single person families of the future.” That means this adorable vehicle is meant for families of the future that have no children. We are totally on board with concern about population growth, but marketing a car to the childless future seems a little premature to us.