Instead of chopping down a stately conifer this holiday season, give the gift of a real live tree from the Million Trees Project! By designing your own tree online for the price of a cup of coffee, the Project will plant a tree where it is needed the most. The Project is currently working together with American Forests, and will soon be teaming up with WWF to green the globe.

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Every day, we produce C02 through our activities. Whether it is driving a car, purchasing something that had to be shipped from miles away, or even breathing, we generate carbon dioxide. Trees help capture carbon and produce the oxygen in the air we breathe. The One Million Trees Project aims to help reforest our Earth by connecting tree planting projects with social media.

By visiting the Project’s website and designing your own tree or buying a blank tree for a loved one, you can help to make the world a greener and healthier place to live. This Christmas, 3 million pine trees will be chopped down for sale and not replanted. Why not buy one to be planted through the Internet and ensure that your good intentions will live on throughout the year? Choose from animals, ornaments, and fruits to decorate your sapling forget the cleanup and tangled holiday lights.

Show your family, the planet, and your fellow man a little love this year with the Million Trees Project!

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