There is currently a totally fun exhibit on view up at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA) put together by “a small group of people with extensive experience making big, insane projects.” The insane project in question is the Miss Rockaway Armada, a collection of recycled junk-rafts that spent two summers traveling along the Mississippi River in the spirit of an itinerant circus or a traveling medicine show. The cure-all and genuine good-health elixir of this project was sustainability, a theme the troupe has transferred onto dry land in an interactive exhibit featuring this experimental, floating eco-voyage.

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The uniquely creative members of the Miss Rockaway Armada are performers, visual artists, organizers and travel junkies from various organizations, including the bike circus Cyclecide and some experienced junk-raft builders called The Floating Neutrinos. Miss Rockaway floated down the mighty Mississippi river on pontoon rafts made from salvaged, dumpstered and donated wood and foam as a way of demonstrating alternative, eco-friendly transport and living, as well as showing off the opportunity to have a bucket of fun. The exhibit at MASS MoCA is a realization of the Armada on dry land: a creative dreamspace requesting participation from visitors, an archive of experiences on the river, and a space to celebrate big and crazy ideas. It will be on display until March of 2009. We cannot wait to share in the ingenious insanity!

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