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MONARCHâ„¢, which stands for MObileNOmadicARCHitecture, is a system for providing scalable medical care, and the modular design of the trailers allows customization for the required situation. Each trailer is customized to a different medical need, whether that be patient rooms, surgical suites, clinics, cafeterias, labs, and more. A group of trailers can be assembled into one large complex in order to offer a full-scale hospital, a teaching facility, or maybe just a few trailers for a local health clinic, which could be set up in a couple days.

Hord Coplan Macht and SPEVCO are jointly working on this mobile 48-bed acute care hospital and presenting the design at the upcoming Arab Health 2010 Congress in Dubai, which is why the renderings show it placed in a desert surrounded by palm trees. Although we are fully in support of accessible medical care for everyone and love the modular nature of this design, we are a bit skeptical based on the description we read over at ArchDaily. Based on their info, the MONARCH seems a bit like propaganda for western based medicine, or maybe just a movie set complete with gift shop and craft service. We applaud the spirit of the project and hope they’ve thought through all the design challenges of a mobile medical facility, especially providing power and water. And we sincerely hope that those trailers are covered in solar panels.

+ Hord Coplan Macht


Via ArchDaily

Monarch Systems Mobile Hospital Initiative from David Lopez on Vimeo.