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The Montblanc House, which is also known as “Shiroi Yama no You no Ie” in Japanese or “House That Resembles a White Mountain,” is a three story home that we think was named quite aptly. Designed by Okazaki-based Studio Velocity, the home resides in a quiet residential area of Japan. Although the area isn’t as cluttered as the big city, the home is enclosed by neighbouring buildings on three sides, so the architects were aiming to create more of an airy feeling without detracting from privacy.

By envisioning the entire volume in one color, white, Studio Velocity was able to make it seem lighter, brighter and more spacious than it actually is. They also cut away large portions of the roof, but instead of adding glass, they chose to keep the spaces open, letting in air and light. In addition to this open design, the whole home is filled with greenery. There is a small garden on the first level and several patio spaces for the homeowners to enjoy as well as a modest yard in the back.

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