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There are hundreds of designs out there for chicken coops – from super simple boxes to elaborate $100k fantasy hen mansions. But not all chicken coops are created equally – and Peter Strzebniok, founder of Nottoscale, set out to create a coop that is functional, compact, and modern.

With a footprint of 2×6 feet, The Moop takes up a small space, but it provides enough room for up to 4 hens. Two runs on either side hook into a modular roost with 4 nesting boxes. Hinged doors allow easy access to clean out the nesting rooms and pull out eggs. Another door on the base allows the roost to be cleaned, and extra strength chicken wire protects the hens against predators. Specially-designed ceramic water and food feeders by Nottoscale and local designer and ceramicist Rosalie Wild and Carol Koffel bring extra flair and functionality to the coop.

You can get your own Moop with one run starting at $600, and with an additional run for $800. The kit of parts is assembled once you receive it – although if you live near San Francisco you can pick one up pre-assembled for an extra $100. Nottoscale is currently taking orders for The Moop, and if you order soon, you can get it in time for the holidays.

Images ©Nottoscale