For all you Earth lovers out there, you can bring the serenity of the planet into your home with the MOVA Cube. The newest addition to MOVA International’s line of solar-powered decor products, the MOVA Cube uses their proven motion technology to recreate the motion of the Earth in space. The MOVA Cube contains a globe rotating on its own while floating perfectly centered inside a cube. Advanced solar cellshidden inside the globe and the Earth’s magnetic field provide torque for the globe to turn continuously and silently on its own, while a mixture of optical fluids create the mesmerizing floating effect. Built to last, the sustainable design requires no batteries or wires. Simply place the cube in ambient light and it comes to life to add a soothing kinetic ambiance to any room. The MOVA Cube represents a future of eco-friendly homes where things can act without any apparent force and people can enjoy home decor without energy and product waste. Its eco-conscious design and innovative twist on home decor make it stand out from any other item on the market.


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