Electric scooters are great for urban travel, but what happens if you have very limited storage space? The folks at Antro, a Hungarian nonprofit devoted to developing green transportation methods, recently unveiled the MOVEO – an electric scooter that folds in two and can be wheeled around like a rolling suitcase. The lightweight scooter weighs just 25 kilograms (55 lbs), so instead of looking for a parking space on the street, users can simply fold it and lug it up to their apartments.

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Development of the MOVEO began in 2008, and the first prototype was recently unveiled, which features a seat that’s mounted directly on the chassis. The prototype has a battery range of about 22 miles per charge, and its highest speed is about 28 mph. It reportedly takes about two minutes to break the bike down and fold it up, and according to Gizmag, because it has a “closed design,” you won’t come into contact with greasy gears when trying to move it.

The scooter isn’t in production just yet, but the folks at Antro are currently seeking funding for commercial development. Gizmag reports that Antro is currently looking at two different production scenarios, and that the initial asking price for the bike could range from $3,100 to $4,600.

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