At first glance, the 550 Spencer building might look like any other gleaming, modern building. Look closer and you’ll see something different. You’ll see an incredible design that is fully autonomous and sustainable. This building in Melbourne, Australia is setting an example for the world to follow.

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View of the 550 Spencer building

The exterior of the building is reflective and gleaming, a mirror for the world. This look is achieved partially through the solar facade system made by Avancis, a German company. This system had never been used before in Australia. Furthermore, the north side of the building is covered in these panels, a highly visible example of what it looks like to capture the sun’s energy.

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Close view of the solar facades

Therefore, the building will be sustainable, autonomous and produce more energy than it consumes. The building also has eight stories and a total of 1,182 solar panels. With solar panels on the building, the roof is free for all sorts of other ideas.

Street view of 500 Spencer

The design is made for those who will be inside the building, too. The interior spaces have amazing views and they’re filled with natural light. In addition, there are great views of the park and Spencer Street.

Rooftop view within 550 Spencer

CUUB Studio created the renderings for the project in partnership with Kennon to show the true potential of this amazing building and the way the sun reflects off the facade. All the sunlight hitting the building is being used and stored to power the building, rather than going to waste by simply shining bright.

Green plants grow along the ground floor roofline and trees surround the building. The little pops of green are reminders of what green design is all about: being mindful of the environment. Harnessing the power of the natural world, but not abusing it, is truly at the heart of this design. The mirror reflects back the world as it is with a little extra benefit.

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Images via CUUB Studio