The New California Craftsmen have begun to make a name for themselves on the Los Angeles design scene, thinking up one-of-a-kind creations made from re-purposed scraps and found materials. Collaborators since first meeting in art school years ago, James Cerasani and Justin Murphy pride themselves on their uncanny ability to design just about anything from, well… anything! From bent wood pendent lights to sculptural steel plant walls, their portfolio is chalk full of inventive and inspiring pieces.

It can’t be denied that these guys have a unique perspective, especially when it comes to lighting. Originally designed to emulate fire, their bent wood pendent light was built with scrap Bird’s Eye Maple saved from a previous project. Certainly in sync with the traditional Arts and Crafts Movement, virtually no glue used for assembly, and each hand-trimmed piece was connected with scrap aluminum rods.


The Hive Light is another great example of their talents in action. Constructed from 100% recycled materials, this lamp uses a low-watt LED bulb that will last over 100,000 hours. While the lamp’s nickel finish is far from green, we’re going to cut them a little slack since carbon credits were purchased in order to counter the harmful effects the plating has on the environment .


Aside from making awesome lighting, these nouveau Craftsmen have a few more tricks up their sleeves. The pair also designed a super-eco-friendly plant wall with strict specifications to employ scrap materials. Not only does this piece use 90% of its steel from past projects, but the pc #7 polycarbonate plastic backing can also be recycled curbside in many US cities. The wall’s large open slats also allow for sun rays to pass through, keeping any room washed with bright ambient light without the  need for the flip of a light switch.

Most of Cerasani and Murphy’s work is custom designed for clients. Each of their projects present a new design opportunity to explore green solutions that we’re sure will keep them crafting for years to come.

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