For all of you bikers out there, you can now ride a motorbike that not only lets you explore the outdoors, but protect it as well. The new Zero XU is set to be one of the most popular electric motorcycles on the market and the first Zero streetbike.

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Set to be released later this month, the Zero XU features a removable battery that can be charged while separated from the bike. This allows the user to easily swap out depleted batteries for fully charged ones without having to spend hours hooking them up to an outlet. The XU also uses a top of the line 2kWh lithium-ion power pack  that is used in the Zero MX motocrosser.

However the battery‘s removability could be its drawback. There have been concerns that in the big city, where electric batteries come with a heavy pricetag, they could be a target of theft. Whereas the battery in the S and DS bikes are well secured, the XU only has an aluminium locking bar preventing access.

Cheaper than Zero’s S and DS models, the XU costs $7,995  and is sure to be very popular with green Wild Hogs.

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Via Gizmag