The future of electric cars is here, and the Japanese SIM-LEI EV four seater from SIM-DRIVE has now joined the ranks. Electric cars have been making the news a lot lately, and with each new release boasting more and more speed and efficiency, the competition is heating up! But the SIM_LEI car has an edge above the rest – it’s achieved a smashing driving range of 207 miles on just one charge!

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The four door car can also accelerate from zero to sixty-two in 4.8 seconds, and reach about 93mph. With more room and a longer driving range, the SIM-LEI (which stands for “Leading Efficiency In-Wheel Motor”) is  more suitable for the contemporary commuter or family, rather than other electric sports cars like the Tesla Roadster. It underwent testing on a JC-08 cycle, which simulates congested Japanese city traffic, where it completed the 207 mile range, which beats other electric cars by over 100 miles.

Sadly, all good things come to those who wait- as the SIM-LEI won’t be ready for commercial production until 2013.

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Via Akihabara News