Today GE announced the launch of GeoSpring, its most energy-efficient hybrid-electric hot water heater. They also announced the opening of their new GeoSpring manufacturing facility in Lousiville, KY, which is part of GE’s commitment to invest $1 billion and create more than 1,300 new U.S. jobs by 2014. According to GE, The GeoSpring uses 62% less energy and will save average users $325 a year on their electric bill – imagine the savings if you have shower hogging teenagers!

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The GeoSpring is GE’s response to consumer demand for more efficient, environmentally friendly appliances. Some 60 million homes in the US use standard electric hot water heaters. By absorbing heat in the ambient air and transferring it to the heated water, the GeoSpring uses dramatically less energy. If 25% of all households switched to this hybrid system, it would reduce annual CO2 emissions to the same extent as removing 360,000 cars from the road.

The GeoSpring comes loaded with tech features like an energy-efficient eHeat™ mode, Hybrid mode, and vacation settings.  It is also smart grid ready.  Check out major appliance stores near you for the GeoSpring, which will retail for about $1,400.

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