Lexus just announced the world debut of its LF-Gh hybrid concept car at the New York Auto Show. The new vehicle fuses luxury design, efficiency and environmental compatibility into a premium sedan that sets a new standard for green luxury vehicles.

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The LF-Gh designers sought to strike a balance between a range of qualities, combining style and functionality, energy and soothing elements, as well as hard and soft design features. The vehicle is also adorned with a bevy of LED lights — from LED headlights to a “Blue LED Lexus Hybrid Drive”. The vehicle also features an innovative exhaust system that reduces the flow of exhaust, setting a standard that the company anticipates will be required in the near future.

Lexus announced that the LF-Gh Hybrid will serve as the inspiration and model for future vehicles. The hybrid’s streamlined body features air vents that coincide with the curve of the body, and a spindle-shaped grill was also added to “command presence” while controlling airflow and stability.

+ Lexus LF-Gh

Via Autoblog Green