In most grocery stores, you get ten cents back when you bring your own bag or a discount for reuse. In countries that are less blase than the U.S., you have to buy a bag if you don’t bring one?a surcharge for wastefulness. While both of these tactics are worthy incentives to forestall a plastic-wrapped planet, you may be most motivated by a bag so cool you’ll never forget it at home. Susan Bijl’s New Shopping Bag is just the ticket.

The New Shopping Bag is made of coated nylon, the same durable, lightweight fabric used to make kites. Bags come in two sizes and more color options than a giant box of Crayolas. You can visit the “color matrix” at Susan Bijl’s website to choose your favorite two-color combo. Be sure to check out all the images at the site, too, especially the women carrying her kid in the shopping bag (damn those things are strong!) The hand drawn ad that affirms what we already knew: these bags are “trop cool!”

Available from the Paul Smith shop in New York (5th Ave at 16th Street)