Are you saving up your pennies for the upcoming Tesla Model S? Well, Tesla just revealed the first photos of their new Tesla S, and we have to confess to being a tiny bit disappointed by the somewhat lackluster design. The styling is Mazda from the front, Buick from the side, and Saab from the back. None of those brands is known for dramatic good looks, so that all adds up to a sigh of frustration over here — especially when we love our EVs sexy, futuristic and sporty.

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Now, it’s possible this design isn’t finalized, and there are signs of hope in the teardrop-shaped windows and hints of Aston Martin sportiness in the front grille. And getting this car to market at all is a huge accomplishment, particularly as it comes with a 300-mile range battery and serious performance that’s far above the average for an electric car.

Maybe our expectations are a bit high, but honestly, if you’re going to shell out $100k and up for an electric car, you don’t want it to look a little bit like your grandmother’s Buick, do you?

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