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Located in close proximity to the center of Dubai, the Oasis Tower would have clear views of the Burj Khalifa. Surrounding the tower are extensive grounds as well as a lake and a number of ponds at the base of the tower. The skyscraper itself is composed of three towers spiraling around a central core. The exterior is covered in ETFE cushions, which provides both structure and insulation for the interior. A solar coating would be painted onto the exterior of the ETFE to generate power.

The tower would also be powered by vertical axis wind turbines placed in between the floors of the central tower. Grey water would be treated and reused, and a methane digester utilizes the waste created on-site to generate even more power. Inside, the tower would be mainly designated for food crops, but some of the floors would be available for housing units. Surin estimates that a vertical farm like this would be able to feed 40,000 people and help divert a food shortage crisis.

Via EcoFriend