The International Olympics Committee has a brand-new home in Lausanne, Switzerland. The stunning new Olympic House brings together 500 employees who were working at different offices scattered throughout the city. Now, these employees will work in an award-winning building that features all the latest green technology in a truly breathtaking design.

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a rendering of a large, wavy building with a glass facade. the building sits on a large green lawn and features sloping rooftops that incorporate greenery into the building design. people sit and walk on the lawn outside.

Olympic House’s design centers three values: movement, flexibility and sustainability. These values show in every facet of the design. View the building from another angle, and suddenly the design looks completely different. The sweeping, elegant design sets the standard for all future buildings.

a wavy building with a sectioned glass facade. sloping rooftops incorporate greenery into the design.

The Olympic House boasts a LEED v4 Platinum building certification, with the highest score ever given (93 of 100). Minergie P. and SNBS platinum certifications further prove this building as one of the world’s most sustainable offices.

an overhead view of a spiral staircase made of light-colored wood. blurry people walk down the staircase.

Environmental concerns influence the design in more ways than one. The building connects to a beautiful park and fits perfectly with that setting. After all, this isn’t an ordinary office building. This office building houses the Olympics committee. The Olympics brings together nations and people from all around the world; that’s why the campus design allows for public enjoyment as well.

the side of the building, showing a white facade. below, a small patio incorporates green spaces among chairs and tables.

As one of the most sustainable buildings ever created, the new Olympic House sets a standard for all other buildings to follow. The building even includes a green roof and multiple terraces, plus a fitness center for employees to use. Low flow taps and toilets help reduce water consumption, and rainwater capture helps provide the building with water. Meanwhile, solar panels power the Olympic House. Through green design, the Olympic House lowers carbon emissions, conserves resources, provides a healthy environment for employees and maintains green spaces.

an overhead view of the campus, showing abundant greenery on both the lawn and part of the roof. to the right, the building itself features a butterfly-shaped solar display on the roof, with the olympic logo on it.

At the heart of the Olympic House, the Unity Staircase features a curving, twisting and awe-inspiring design. Hopefully, the building’s incredible design and multiple green features will inspire others to create more sustainable buildings that improve the environment, rather than damage it.

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