The world’s smallest house is finally here. For real. Compared to the One-Sqm-House by Van Bo Le-Metnzel of Hartz IV Möbel, all of the other teeny weeny little dwellings we have featured over the years are enormous. And now they’re going to take over the world. Le-Metnzel, a Laos native who fled his home country as a refugee has spent his entire life exploring the concept of home, has teamed up with Corinne Rose from Berlin’s BMW Guggenheim Lab to grow a global village of these tiny mobile homes.

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As the name implies, the One-Sqm-House house only occupies one square meter. But it is remarkably adaptable. It can be laid down flat for sleeping or propped upright to act as a miniature mobile shop or meeting place. And since it has wheels, it’s possible to roll it away to some other place. Le-Metnzel’s design emerged amid an overarching desire to have at least one square meters of space in the world that was his, and his alone.

Over the weekend,the BMW Guggenheim lab hosted a workshop to encourage Berliners to build as many of these tiny mobile homes as possible. If participants couldn’t afford the €250 required for the materials, they were able to sign up for the karma deal. The terms? Build the house. Rent it to the lab for free, and then after July 29th, when the lab is over, come and fetch it. In the meantime, the lab makes the homes available to students and travelers for a mere €1/night. They can be rented on Air BnB!

Soon the home will go on a six year tour around the world. Rose and Le-Mentzel want Mumbai and New York residents in particular to take up their cause. They want whole communities of these things. Either localized or global. And they want stories, documentation. In short, tired of no longer being able to afford space, tired of being pushed to the margins of society because real estate is just too darned expensive, they are calling for a One-Sqm-House revolution. Will you join the cause?

+ Hartz IV Möbel

+ BMW Guggenheim Lab

lead image via Air BnB, others by Daniela Kleint