Technology and tradition combine in this beautiful, handcrafted wireless keyboard, known as the Orée Board. The Orée Board was created by the French technology entrepreneur Julien Salanave, who worked with a traditional craftsman known as a “Compagnon” in southern France to create this keyboard out of a single piece of wood. We love the simple style of the Orée Board and think it would be a great companion for any tablet, smart phone or PC.

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With materials sourced from sustainably-managed forests, the Orée Board is created in woods that are made to last, like maple and walnut. This stylish eco design utilizes one single sheet of wood to minimize waste in the main keyboard construction. It’s powered by a low-power Bluetooth 3.0 chipset from Broadcom and is connected through a high quality key mechanism to offer extended durability.

Each Orée Board can be made differently, as there are options for customizing the key features such as choosing from 3 distinct fonts for keycaps, adding a personal text or choosing from one of two graphical works created exclusively for the Board by young talented artists. “In a world of technology gadgets that are highly impersonal, made of standard materials and designed for rapid obsolescence, we identified a growing aspiration for lasting personalized objects that would have a soul and put people in touch with the most natural material on earth,” explained Julien Salanave.

Now we can’t wait to get a close-up look at the Orée Board, which will be launching at Tent London, which is part of London Design Festival 2012.   

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