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The Para-Clocks Project combines digital design with traditional craft, employing concrete as its physical medium. There is an almost infinite number of patterns that can be applied, making each clock truly one-of-a-kind. Here form also meets function, as the curves in the design become the structure of the clock-face — they are both beautiful and necessary.

The highlight of the project is of course that the user becomes a  key part of the design process. They employ the same tools the team at LeeLabs have used, creating their own personalized piece. Once a pattern has been determined by its designer, a mold is then digitally fabricated by the guys at LeeLabs, the concrete is poured, and the final product is assembled and shipped out to its designer.

Putting design technology in the hands of the consumer seems to be growing in popularity. We recently saw a similar idea carried out at Tom Dixon’s MOST show during Milan Design Week. Dixon joined forces with Digital Forming Studio to create a “Co-Design Bar” where visitors could customize and digitally print their own flat-pack lamps.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these cool clocks, LeeLabs currently has a Kickster campaign going. For a small donation of $50, they’ll send you an 8″ clock in one of six variations — your choice.

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